Recipe | Cinnamon & Cashew Oatcakes

As I haul myself back to the health & fitness ‘fork in the road’, I felt it would be an exercise in self discipline to actually talk about getting healthy again. It’s World Cup Final day and it’s raining outside, so what better time to channel energy back into the things I love; cooking, eating, writing and now, writing about cooking and eating.

I’ve not been too good to my body over the past 6 months, indulging too frequently in treats and cheats. Indian takeout, tubs of ice cream in one sitting, daily doses of alcohol, all resulted in a body that no longer feels like mine. When I look down, it’s not the body I saw this time last year and that’s sad and absolutely has to change! I blame this on stress and a busy work schedule, but if we’re being real, that’s all bullshit. I can blame anything I feel like using as a scapegoat, but how I use the other hours of the day is completely up to me. I could have prepared for a busy day by prepping extra, but instead spent evenings drinking wine on the couch and wading my way through a never ending list of shows and movies. I’d get back into ‘it’, for 2 weeks and then it would all fall apart again, after just one bad day. That’s a massive flaw in my personality and it’s something I need to get a grip of, something I intend on doing from today.

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